Finacial Outsoursing

Supporting the Client when interacting with credit institutions / government authorities on state support for business / non-governmental non-profit organizations / insurance companies / guarantee organizations:

  1. Monitoring of the banking services market, obtaining / presenting to the Client information on the requirements, procedure and conditions for obtaining products of credit institutions (hereinafter referred to as the Bank), terms of lending / financial lease (leasing) / provision of bank guarantees / factoring / opening letters of credit, as well as on loans from the Development Fund industry and venture capital investments of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Industry Development Fund of the Russian Federation and other state institutions for business support (hereinafter referred to as loans);
  2. Selection of optimal banking products / loans according to the request and needs of the Client;
  3. Control over the results of applications and documents of the Client.
  4. The current loan portfolio managment of the Client;
  5. Consulting support in terms of interaction with government authorities and non-governmental non-profit organizations in order to receive various measures of state support for the Client (including obtaining subsidies in order to reduce the cost of transporting products, obtaining subsidies to reimburse the cost of purchasing equipment, compensation of interest rates , tax support measures, etc.);
  6. Consulting support in terms of interaction with insurance companies on the selection of optimal conditions for property insurance (including acting as collateral for the Client’s loans), voluntary medical insurance, accident insurance and other types of insurance.
  7. Consulting support in terms of interaction with guarantee organizations included in the National Guarantee System (NGS)
  8. Consulting support on various regional and federal measures of state support for industrial enterprises in the region.

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